When Young Professional Black Women Think Sisterlocks is Only for Older Women

There seems to be a myth within the loc community that sisterlocks are only for older women. This could not be any farther from the truth. You can install sisterlocks as long as you have hair growing from your scalp. Whether your hair is long, short, or medium length, it can be done. And as such, age does not seem to prevent anyone from having sisterlocks installed by a loctician.

We mostly see older women with sister locks in real life. This could be due to several reasons. They may like the loc’d hairstyle, require a low maintenance hairstyle, for spiritual reasons, or they just ‘felt’ to. Also, sisterlocks are more noticeable once your grays start showing or, as we like to call them, ‘silver’ highlights.

If you are a young woman who is seeking to have sister locks installed, go ahead and do it. Why are you letting the opinions of other people affect what you want to do? Through the use of social media platforms, multiple young Black women are rocking their sister locks. You can find them on youtube, Instagram, and even TikTok. They are sharing their sisterlocks’ journey, which includes the bad and the good. As well as, you can draw inspiration from them to see how to maintain, grow, care and style their sisterlocks.

Sisterlocks on Young Black Professionals

Sisterlocks are great for young professionals who want to have a low-maintenance lifestyle with their hair. It does take time and/or energy to take care of your natural hair regularly. Or, have your lace wig laid to perfection every week. With sisterlocks, you can have the best of both worlds. Your hair will look good and does not require as much maintenance as the other hairstyles. In addition, you do not have to be worried about getting wet as sister locks are easier to dry. And you can color your hair as you please without worrying about the health of your locs.

And more importantly, you will look and feel good with it just as much as with the other styles. You can wear it loose, so it falls along your shoulder. As well as, you can dress it up to suit your outfit, mood, and/or occasion. It can be styled into a bun, ponytail, pigtails, perm rods, loose, and so much more options to choose from. And you can accessorize with bobby pins, clips, hair jewelry, extensions, wraps, and other hair accessories.

If you want sisterlocks, get them installed by a professional.
Do not let what the naysayers say affect you, as they are not the ones wearing the hairstyle. Remember age is nothing but a number.

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Examples of Young Professionals with Sisterlocks:

Sisterlocks on @therealkylab








Sisterlocks on a young woman
Sisterlocks on @queeneleem2








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