Best Hair Color for Covering Stubborn Gray Locs

The grays are here! You may have seen 1, 2, or a couple of full-length grays in your hair, or someone has pointed it out. Grays appear due to genetics, stress, health issues, as well as age. However, do not fear! Finding the right product to cover your stubborn rays can be incredibly challenging. Luckily, we researched for you to present the best two hair dyes for your grays.

Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Dye Clairol Nice’n Easy Permanent Hair Dye, 1 Blackest Black Hair Color

The Clairol Nice’n Easy Dry is formulated to cover your grays in 1 simple step. It allows the hair to have complementary highlights and lowlights to give it an authentic look. The color blend technology expertly provides a blend of 3 complementary tones into every shade, which will complement your skin tone. The dye is formulated with molecules that will reduce the chance of developing an allergy.

As well as vitamins needed to protect the health of your hair and scalp during the process. For its price, you can get superb results without compromising the quality of your hair and health. And more importantly, say ‘good-bye’ to your grays as the results are very long-lasting!

  The product is sold in a hair color application kit which contains the:

  1.  The ColorBlend Formula,
  2.  The ColorBlend Activator,
  3.  CC Plus ColorSeal Conditioner, and
  4. Expert gloves.

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Clairol Professional Beautiful Advanced Gray Solutions, Semi-Permanent Hair Color for Gray Coverage

The Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection is perfect for you if you want to cover your grays without the use of a developer. It is formulated with advanced o2 technology, which changes the hair color by using oxygen in the air instead of peroxide. Therefore, it provides you with semi-permanent results that will last up to 12 shampoos. This collection contains multiple colors for you to choose from to match your natural hair color to give realistic results. As well as, you can cover your grays with ‘midnight-black’ dye if that is what suits your desire. Regardless of the color, the gentle formula will leave your ‘new’ hair feeling soft, silky, smooth, and shiny. Similar to the previous product, it provides your hair with the solution while keeping your hair in an optimally healthy state.

It is affordable. Yes, affordable for anyone looking to shop on a set budget. However, it is only one product sold without the use of gloves and/or follow-up products.

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Regardless of the product that you try, remember to read the instructions. Instructions provide the step-by-step procedures of how to get the best results. Do not just wing it, as the results can be unfavorable. Each product comes with instructions that will differ from the other. As well as, you can watch tutorials on youtube of persons going through the process of dying their hair using it. Let us know in the comments your experience using either one of the products.

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