Zozoe got her interlocks installed in Jan 2021. Before that, she used to describe her hair journey as thorny. But after her Locs, she describes her journey as liberating. Now, Zozoe is able to get up and go to work with just a moisture spray of Rose water, Oil spray, and a few tucks to put her Locs in place. Before her Locs were installed, it took her an average of 45 minutes to work on her hair.

Now Zozoe walks around with confidence knowing what the back of her hair looked like. Before the Locs, she was always self-conscious of her nape – back of her neck.

Her nightly regimen now involves a moisturizer and a silk cap.

Zozoe really enjoys her hair and wishes she’d had it installed years before she did. It took Zozoe about 4 years before she decided to make the decision.

Products for Interlocks and Sisterlocks

  • Moisture sprays
  • Oil sprays
  • Moisturizing shampoos
  • Leave-in moisturizers
  • Silk caps
  • Silk pillow cases

If you’re looking for regular Locs, the blog post is coming soon.


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