5 Things You Should Know Before You Loc Your Hair

Doesn’t Ketanji Brown Jackson look gorgeously confident in those beautiful locs? Yes, it is evident that locs are cool, not to mention more manageable and economical. For most of us, the idea of locs is a bit strange at first until you start to explore. Some misconceptions about locs deter can us from taking that first step. In this article, we’ll consider five practical things about locs you need to know before taking the plunge.

1. Do your research

Find out all you can about locs. What do you need to start out? What does locs maintenance involve? Are you ready for the change? If you’re uncertain about locking your hair, you could install temporary locs made of synthetic hair to test how you feel about them.

2. Locs can be combed out

Contrary to popular beliefs, locs are not permanent. You don’t have to cut your hair whenever you get tired of the look. Locs can be combed out. All you need is an experienced stylist and a lot of patience.

3. Locs are versatile

Having locs doesn’t mean your hair is “locked” in every sense of the word. You are not limited to just one style. You can braid your locs. Dye them any color you want. Wear wigs over them. The options are endless.

4. Find an experienced loctitian

When you’ve made that decision to lock your hair, why not get it done the best way by a loctitian? A loctitian is an expert hair stylist whose specialty is installing locs. Take your time to find an experienced one, one who doesn’t just install locs but provides consultation services as well.  You can find licensed loctitians at the sisterlocks certified consultants site.

5. Locs are not an easy way out

Locs are not a license to neglect your hair care. In fact, locs require some care, time, and money at the initial stage. The low maintenance benefits come after the hair is completely locked.

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